We don't just train, we coach!

From high performance diagnostics and training planning to competition pacing and support – for more than 10 years we are representing a holistic approach to high performance in endurance sports.


We’re using INSCYD, the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance in athletes. INSCYD creates a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete. This includes: aerobic capacity (VO2 max), glycolytic capacity (VLa max), anaerobic threshold (maximal steady state output), efficiency, fuel combustion (fat vs. carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & recovery, and aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution of a given intensity.
Push your performance to the next level with INSCYD, a world class performance analysis software developed by leading European physiologists and coaches. Gain insight into your training as well as how to best peak for performance. Monitor and assess each performance metric so you’ll know exactly what to work on as well as the effectiveness of what you are doing.


We help endurance athletes maximize the results of their training time. With the right balance of focus and dedication you can amplify your performance without sacrificing your lifestyle. Each year, our athletes cross the finish lines with breakthrough performances and new personal bests.
Training in endurance sports works best when you work as continuously as possible on your performance. Training a lot and staying healthy, maintaining motivation, having fun, being fresh, and building a great base over a long period of time, that’s the key to success. Therefore, in accordance to the current state of science, there will be about 80-90% LIT (low intensity training) and about 10-20% HIT (high intensity training), depending on your diagnostic results.


blank Christian Müller Ötztaler, L'Étape du Tour, 24h Rad am Ring Jannik bereitet mich seit gut 3 Jahren auf diverse Radmarathons vor. Neben der kontinuierlichen Leistungssteigerung begeistert mich vor allem die Flexibilität in der Trainingsplanung. Kurzfristige Planänderungen aufgrund längerer Arbeitstage oder skin familiärer Verpflichtungen sind jederzeit möglich. Und als Watopia Fan erster Stunde erfreut mich die nahtlose Integration des Trainings mit Zwift. blank Maria Meyers Road Racing To me the EP team is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body. Whether it be in aerodynamics, nutrition, training, testing, racing, pursuiting or sprinting, every facet of my performance is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed finding improvements in speed, efficiency and recovery. Endurance Performance is my personal sports institute devoted to making me faster. blank Phil Schwartz Gran Fondo Events Jannik has taken my cycling strength to levels that I am certain I couldn't have achieved on my own and in less time than I anticipated. He takes a personal interest in his clients objectives and goals. I truly believe he gets as much or more satisfaction out of my progress as I do which motivates me to continue to train with him. I encourage anyone interested in improving their cycling strength to talk to Jannik and give his training a chance. You won't be disappointed. You don't necessarily need to ride more, just smarter. blank J.P Triathlon Langdistanz Jannik hat mich in 3 Jahren vom Anfänger zum Triathlonveteranen "ausgebildet" und mir dabei geholfen, meinen Traum zu erfüllen: Das Finish bei der Challenge Wanaka, Neuseeland. Vielen Dank für all die Planänderungen aufgrund meines Terminkalenders, das Berücksichtigen des Jetlags und dem Spaß beim Training! blank Todd Spencer Olympic Distance Triathlon I had seemed to hit a plateau with my triathlon results in olympic distance events and I really wanted to achieve much more so I set about the task of finding a coach. After emailing and chatting to Jannik I decided to go with a months trial and to be honest I have never looked back. Jannik and I live at opposite ends of the world and have never met but with regular contact by email, texts and phone calls we have made this arrangement work. blank Marc K. Zeitfahrspezialist Ich habe mich eigentlich für ziemlich austrainiert gehalten - über die letzten 4 Jahre hat Jannik aber trotzdem noch über 53 Watt an Schwellenleistung herausgeholt... Das sollte für sich sprechen. Rückfragen? Werden via WhatsApp innerhalb weniger Minuten sofort beantwortet. blank Dave Schwartz Gran Fondo Events More than happy with this coach! Thanks for your support. Varied training session, constant feedback, brilliant coaching! blank blank blank blank blank blank blank